Bargaining Unit 15 Members Take Action with 3 Statewide Joint Labor Management Committees


One of our most powerful tools to solve workplace issues is the Joint Labor Management Committee (JLMC). It’s an opportunity to work directly with the boss to address specific or ongoing issues at the worksite level or even on a statewide basis.

It’s a right granted to us in our contract, and JLMCs are most commonly used to make changes in workload, productivity, and the recruitment and retention of employees.

Our Members in Bargaining Unit 15 have recently launched three different statewide JLMCs:

  • Food Service Workers JLMC at CDCR and CDCR-CCHCS, to address issues including overtime distribution, cross covering, and recruitment and retention.
  • Upward Mobility JLMC at six different state agencies, to discuss the current status of upward mobility and career development programs for Bargaining Unit 15 employees.
  • Custodian JLMC at DGS, CalVet, DHS, and CalPIA, to discuss shoe allowances, uniforms, and workload distribution.

Meetings have been scheduled throughout 2022, which include our BU15 JLMC teams, CalHR, and the affected departments.

You can read the details, follow the progress of these efforts, even ask a question on the Bargaining Unit 15 web page here

If you’re interested in forming your own JLMC at the worksite, read the contract language here, and then contact your job steward, bargaining unit chair, or the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348).