Department of Rehabilitation Threatens Discipline Based on Vaccination Status, Ignoring Settlement Agreement Rights


In a memo dated November 29, 2021, the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) stated that employees will be subject to discipline if they do not provide evidence that they are not fully vaccinated by the arbitrary deadline listed in the memo. This warning unilaterally changes the rights found in the settlement agreement SEIU Local 1000 reached with the State Department of Human Resources (CalHR) in Unfair Practice Charge, PERB No. SA-CE-2205-S. Although this settlement did not cover CDCR/CCHCS or Health Care workers, for all other Local 1000 represented workers, the settlement ensures that no employee would be subject to discipline regarding their vaccination status as long as they still adhere to other enumerated protections.

SEIU Local 1000 sent a cease and desist letter demanding adherence to negotiated rights to be free from discipline when employees do not provide evidence that they are fully vaccinated consistent with the agreement. Click here to read the letter.