DJJ Voluntary Transfer Process and Stipend


On April 4, 2022, SEIU Local 1000 reached an agreement with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) regarding the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP). You can read that agreement here. This is just the first step in the closure process for the DJJ that will require further negotiations regarding next steps and the layoff process as we get closer to the July 2023 current closure date.

All VTP awards are dated on paper as February 2023, but will not go into effect with employees reporting to their new locations until after June 30, 2023. Anyone who wishes to participate will have reasonable time during work hours to complete the worksheets and use state computers.

We were able to ensure that employees who are placed through VTP will not incur double housing costs relate to their effective report date. As well, employees who will need to relocate may use their leave time to locate and find suitable housing arrangements. Employees will have an opportunity to go through the normal post and bid process for their new locations. Vacation bids and department programs such as upward mobility programs will continue to be honored at new work locations.

We included a dispute resolution committee that will be made up of equal numbers of SEIU Local 1000 participants and management that will review and resolve any disputes coming from the VTP.

And finally, we ensured that should an employee be relocated through VTP to an institution that is ordered closed before June 30, 2024, those employees will have preference in future VTP for that institution.

“Throughout both the VTP and stipend negotiations, the SEIU member-led Team fought hard, and with the VTP table, won a great agreement. The Team continues to raise and push member’s issues and concerns and left nothing on the table”
– Tracy White, Unit 3 – DJJ Stockton

“The member-led Team worked together to ensure that the State was held accountable for its actions. We are committed to protecting the interests of the DJJ members through this closure.”
– Bill Silletti, Unit 20, DJJ Ventura

We also met regarding the stipend and gave the State our first proposal. We are still negotiating over the specific process and will meet again on the 15th. We do know at this point, that:

  • ‘Direct contact’ employees are eligible for up to $50k; ‘Non-direct’ are eligible for up to $25k
  • The first $5k for both direct and non-direct is based on 2021 and will be paid immediately upon completion of negotiations
  • Employees do not have to participate in VTP to be eligible for the stipend, but -
  • If an employee does NOT get placed through VTP, they MUST remain through June 30, 2023, to receive any of the stipend beyond the initial $5k based on 2021.
  • If an employee does get placed through VTP and are transferred prior to June 30, 2023, they will maintain their eligibility for the stipend as follows:
  • If you have 6* qualifying pay periods in 2022/2023, you are eligible for 25%;

 7-11* qualifying periods in 2022/2023 = 50%; and,

 12+* qualifying pay periods in 2022/2023 = 100%

*These do not need to be consecutive, but if an employee separates and returns, they would start over at 0 qualifying months.

If you have any questions regarding the DJJ VTP or stipend, please contact the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348), or email Matt Fisher, Contract Department staff, at

In Solidarity,
SEIU Local 1000