DVI Closure Update:
CDCR Carrying out Additional Round of Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP)


In order to further mitigate possible negative impacts to SEIU Local 1000-represented employees as a result of the DVI closure, CDCR will be carrying out a second round of the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP). While the first round of VTP was only applicable to employees at DVI, this round will be broadened to include employees at CHCF and DJJ-Stockton. Eligible employees should have received their VTP packets on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, and will have until Tuesday, June 29, 2021, to turn them in.

Employees will be able to voluntarily apply to transfer to vacancies outside of San Joaquin County, and DVI employees who did not participate in the last round will have the opportunity to participate in this round. This round will not have any impact on any transfers already secured through VTP. Participation in this round of VTP will be in accordance with the agreement then SEIU Local 1000 team previously negotiated with the State.

This round of VTP will be open to CDCR employees only – CCHCS will not be carrying out this process during the same timeline.

Our Union team is preparing to meet and confer with both CDCR and CCHCS regarding the SROA phase of the DVI closure. We will have a chance during those meetings to negotiate for additional mitigation and protection for our impacted employees and will continue to advocate for solutions to reduce the impact of this closure on our represented employees throughout San Joaquin County.  

Questions may also be directed to dviclosure@seiu1000.org