​Eligibility Requirements for Local 1000 Leadership Positions


Local 1000 stewards wishing to nominate for elected leadership positions must meet the following requirements:

Statewide Officers
Member in good standing and an active steward for two years prior to Jan 2, 2024.

District Labor Council officers/District Bargaining Unit Representatives /Classification Bargaining Unit Representatives
Member in good standing and an active steward prior to Jan. 2, 2024.

All positions must also abide by this language outlined in SEIU Local 1000 Policy File: 12.0.02 (a):
Stewards may run for and hold only one (1) office within Local 1000 at a time

All candidates are expected to abide by the Election Conduct standards set forth in Division 12 of SEIU Local 1000’s Policy File. A copy of those conduct standards can be reviewed here.