How Does Ratification Work?


The SEIU Local 1000 Statewide Bargaining Advisory Council (SBAC), comprised of more than 150 member-elected bargaining representatives from around the state, has voted to approve sending this Tentative Agreement out to the membership for ratification.

Ratification voting began Monday, August 28, and runs through Friday, September 8. The deadline for ballots to be received is Friday, September 8, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

All Local 1000 represented workers are entitled to one hour of state release time to attend a ratification meeting and vote. This one hour is in addition to your lunch hour and/or breaks. Your department has been notified of this by CalHR.

However, only Local 1000 members can vote to ratify the contract. If you are not a member but wish to place your vote, your ballot materials provide you with a membership application, which when filled out and signed will allow you to cast your ballot.

There are three ways to place your ratification vote:

1. In-Person Voting

Ratification Voting Has Ended.  

We will hold a series of meetings at worksites across the state. At those meetings, you’ll hear from members of the bargaining team, Local 1000 staff, and other members like you. You’ll also receive a digital or printed ratification summary with the highlights of what we won at the bargaining table, and you’ll be able to mark your official ballot and drop it in the ballot box.

Click here to find a list of worksites and a schedule of where and when you can cast your vote.

2. Vote By Mail

Ratification Voting Has Ended.  

Members may request a ballot by calling the Member Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348). A ballot, digital or printed ratification summary, and a pre-paid return envelope will be sent to you.

If you choose to vote by mail, time is of the essence. The deadline for ballots to be received is Friday, September 8, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.

To ensure we receive your ballot in time, we encourage you to mail it back to us no later than Tuesday, September 5th. If you are concerned about your ballot not being received in a timely manner, we suggest mailing it via overnight mail (at your cost) or dropping it off at a ratification meeting near you.

Read below a copy of the vote-by-mail instructions you’ll receive in your ratification packet.   
  • Your Ballot
    • The #10 ballot cover envelope
    • A postage-paid return envelope (6 x 9)
    • The Contract Ratification Summary Booklet
    • “I Voted” Sticker
    • And if you’re not a Full Dues Paying Member of SEIU Local 1000, a membership application to include in your return envelope.
  • Here’s how to vote:
    • ​Mark your ballot either “Yes” to ratify the Tentative Agreement
    • or “No” to reject the Tentative Agreement
    • Place your marked ballot inside the #10 envelope and seal it
    • Complete all requested information on the outside of the #10 ballot cover envelope. All information is required for it to be processed.
    • Place the completed ballot/#10 envelope in the 6 x9 envelope
    • Include the complete membership application if you are not already Full Due Paying Member
    • Mail it.  No stamp is required.

 3. Electronic Voting

Ratification Voting Has Ended.  

Electronic voting has ended. If you attended a Zoom Ratification meeting, you have until September 8th at 5:00 p.m. to vote using your unique voting link. If you attended a Zoom Ratification meeting but did not receive your link, please email

This year we will also be holding ratification meetings electronically to allow members to vote! At these meetings, you’ll hear from members of the bargaining team, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our Tentative Agreement. After you have participated in the electronic ratification meeting, you will be emailed a unique link to cast your vote.

Click here to find the list of meetings and to register. Then click on the registration form dropdown menu to see a list of all meeting dates and times. Please remember to provide accurate information when completing each field.

And If you have a question regarding electronic voting, please email