How to Sign Up for A Political Engagement Shift

  1. Go to the Political-landing page on the website
  2. Choose the shift you would like to sign up for. You can choose day, evening, or Saturday shifts.
  3. Click the link for each shift you’d like to participate in. You can sign up for one or more time slots in each shift. You have to click on each link (day, evening, Saturday) to schedule your time slot. For example, you’d like to schedule 2-day shifts, 2 evening shifts, and one Saturday shift. You must click the link for each shift (day, evening, Saturday) you wish.

There is a cut off time — you have to register for your shift AT LEAST 2 hours prior to the start of the shift, failure to do so means you won’t get the link to join for that session and won’t be able to participate.

  1. Click on the link, which will take you to the registration portal.
  2. Complete the registration form and click submit.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join a Zoom check in session — you must join the check in session each time and you will be assigned your task for that day/evening during that check in.

The link you receive to join the check in is specific to your registration so do not share it with anyone, you can only log in once with that link. If you share it and someone else uses your link, you will not be able to log in

The confirmation email contains a link where you can add the date you registered for to your calendar for easy access. There is also a button to cancel your registration. If you need to cancel for any reason click that button and the system will let us know you have canceled for that shift.

Once you’re into the Zoom check-in you will be assigned to your task for that shift and offered training/instruction on that activity.

The Zoom meeting will remain open for the entire shift in case you need to come back to ask a question.

For questions or assistance, send an email to