Local 1000 Bargaining Team Returns for Round Two!


Local 1000 returned to the bargaining table on Thursday, June 27th and submitted five more proposals that underscored our commitment to building a California for All. 

In the run up to bargaining our members communicated a deep desire to make sure that all state workers are paid equitably and that no one who has a full-time job in California should live in poverty.  Members shared with us how important workplace respect was to them and that bullying and sexual harassment have no place at our worksites or in our communities. 

Members insisted that state workers be compensated fairly for the special skills they use while on the job. Livable wages, workplace respect, and fair compensation are Local 1000 values that we’re proud to stand up for.   

In our fight to make California a place where families can live in sustainable communities with good paying jobs, where they feel safe and respected at work, our bargaining team presented the state with five proposals that would:

Ensure that no state worker represented by Local 1000 makes less than $15 an hour.

Require the state to compile a statewide summary of all reported sexual harassment incidents by department.

Create a Joint Labor Management Committee to update the state’s current Workplace Violence and Bullying Prevention Program.

Increase the Bilingual Differential Pay that Local 1000 represented state workers receive.

Establish Longevity Pay for Local 1000 represented workers.

While our bargaining team was in Sacramento challenging the state to create a California for All, member leaders continued worksite activities in support of the contract campaign.

Local 1000 leaders in Ontario purpled up for a second day in a row and held signs in support of our demand that every working person represented by Local 1000 make at least $15 an hour. We continue to receive photos from all over the state from members taking action and submitting photos to photos@seiu1000.org – check our FacebookInstagram and Twitter for updates on member action!

Local 1000’s bargaining team will be back at the table on July 8th.