Local 1000 Champions Workers’ Issues at Capitol


Our efforts to fight for social and economic justice for workers—and all Californians—has led to over a dozen bills in the Legislature that will change the lives of our members, our families, and our communities. Impacting some of the most important issues facing workers today, we are proud to support the legislation highlighted here.

These seven bills, among others, address systemic racism, COVID-19 workplace safety, and the crisis faced by renters in California. Local 1000 members led the charge by having meaningful conversations with state lawmakers in their district offices and at the Capitol. By maximizing our impact at the Capitol by first electing lawmakers who share our values, we’re able to build powerful alliances with community partners to fight for issues that impact working families and bring meaningful change to our state.

Local 1000-sponsored bills

AB 3088 – Tenant Relief Act of 2020
Provides a pathway for tenants experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 to remain in their homes through the end of January 2021, stopping evictions for unpaid rent during the first six months of the pandemic.
Carried by Assemblymember Chiu (D – San Francisco)

SB 275 (Pan) – Health Care and Essential Workers: PPE
Ensures essential workers have access to adequate PPE during future pandemics. This bill requires both the state and health care employers to keep stockpiles of PPE. Specifically, it requires CDPH to establish a PPE stockpile for essential workers, including state workers, within a year of the bill becoming active.
Carried by Assemblymember Pan (D – Sacramento)

AB 685 (Reyes) – COVID-19 Exposure: Notification
Requires employers to provide employees who may have been exposed to COVID-19 at work with written notice.  This bill also enhances Cal/OSHA’s ability to enforce health and safety standards to prevent workplace exposure to and spread of COVID-19.
Carried by Assemblymember Reyes (D – Grand Terrace)

SB 1159 (Hill) – Workers Compensation: COVID-19: Critical Workers
Makes it easier for workers who contract COVID-19 to access workers compensation benefits. Allows peace officers, firefighters, specified frontline employees, and certain health care employees, who contract COVID-19 during an “outbreak” at their worksite to file claims.
Carried by Senator Hill (D – San Mateo)

AB 1506 (McCarty) – Police Use of Force
Requires a state prosecutor to investigate police shootings of unarmed civilians. The Attorney General will act as the state prosecutor, unless specified otherwise.
Carried by Assemblymember McCarty (D – Sacramento)

AB 1196 (Gipson) – Use of Force
Prohibits officers from using carotid restraint holds and choke holds.
Carried by Assemblymember Gipson (D – Carson)

AB 3121 (Weber) – Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations for African Americans
Establishes the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans to documents related to slavery in the United States from 1619 to 1865 and recommend appropriate compensation, among other things. 

Carried by Assemblymember Weber (D – San Diego)