Local 1000 Rallies to Enforce our Contract and Protect our Union and our Represented Employees in Lassen County


The California Correctional Center (CCC), which Governor Gavin Newsom plans to close as of June 30, 2022, employs 235 union represented employees. All 235 have been shut out from discussions since the State failed to meet and confer with SEIU Local 1000 regarding the planned closure. To make matters worse, the State also refused to provide Local 1000 with 30 days’ notice prior to signing off on state worker vaccination mandates.

As a result, SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown has been leading a fight against these initiatives, which culminated in a rally at the Capitol on August 27, 2021, to protest the State’s actions.

The rally featured delivery of a petition of protest by the delegation from Lassen County, including employees from CCC who came from Susanville and the surrounding area to demand the State respect and protect union jobs.

This event came on the heels of a step forward for union members in the courts. Earlier in the week, Lassen County Superior Court Judge Mark Nareau cleared the way for a hearing on Susanville’s efforts to stop the closure of the Lassen County CCC scheduled for October 9th. This hearing will consider the central issue raised by the employees from CCC that sparked the need for this rally: the potentially devastating financial repercussions the CCC closure would have on Susanville. As a result of this decision, a temporary restraining order has blocked the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from closing CCC.

Keeping members updated on this process is a priority for SEIU Local 1000. While the only information we currently have is the proposed closure date, we will be updating our website with information as the Department finalizes their timeline and closure plan. In the meantime, please submit your questions or concerns about the closure to CCCclosure@seiu1000.org