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Local 1000 members are getting quick answers to a range of questions at our Member Resource Center (MRC), a toll-free service available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Whether you’re looking for information about worksite meetings, the name of your Local 1000 steward, assistance with a worksite issue or understanding an article of our contract, our MRC is ready to help.

The center handles thousands of calls and questions from Local 1000 members each month.

Q: How much vacation time do I accrue
a month?

Length of Service Vacation Credit
7 months to 3 years 7 hours per month
37 months to 10 years 10 hours per month
121 months to 15 years 12 hours per month
181 months to 20 years 13 hours per month
241 months and over 14 hours per month

Q: The department wants to change my hours. Can they do that?

A: Yes. With proper notice to the employee. For a temporary change, the employee must have 5 working days notice. For a permanent change, the state endeavors to give 30 calendar days notice, but in no case less than 15 calendar days. Please refer to Article 19.1 of our contract.

Q:  My child has a school event that I would like to attend during work hours. Should my request be approved?

A: Yes. You should be able to take 8 hours a month, up to 40 hours a year, based on operational needs and department approval. Please refer to Article 8.18 of our contract.

Q: I will be having a baby. Besides Disability & Paid Family Leave, do I have a right to take additional time off?

A: Yes. Both parents would be able to take up to a year as long as the request was made within 30 days of your child being born. Please refer to Article 8.4 of our contract.

Q: I was told to report to another worksite for the day. Should I be paid mileage to the alternate worksite?

A: Yes. Mileage should be paid when an employee is required to report to an alternate work location.  Miles driven in excess of your regular commute should be reimbursed. Please refer to Article 12.1 section F1b of our contract.

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