A message about your raises from Irene Green, Vice President for Bargaining
Update on Your Payroll Changes


We’ve just received an answer to the question on so many of your minds:

“Where’s my money?”

We spoke with CalHR on several occasions last week; this is what we know as of today:

General salary increase, special salary adjustments, and wage equity increases

  • Your regular December check will be paid at the same rate you’ve been receiving in the past months.
  • Also in the month of December you should receive payment that covers retroactive wages from July 1.
  • Your new pay rates (general salary increase, SSAs, equity adjustments) should be reflected in your regular January paycheck.

Pre-retirement contributions, supplemental health benefits, other adjustments

  • Per our new contract, the .5% reduction in pre-retirement contribution becomes effective in the first pay period following ratification. Our contract was ratified in September, and the first pay period is October 1-31. The .5% reduction will be seen in your November pay warrant.
  • The new $165 supplemental health benefits contribution becomes effective December 2023.
  • Pay differentials and other adjustments will take longer to implement; these will probably appear in January or February.

We should remember a couple of conditions: first, our contract became law just a month ago, and the State of California’s outdated payroll system is responding as best it can. Second, each of the economic provisions of our new contract have different “trigger dates,” as called for in the contract.

You can read the highlights of what we won in our new contract here.

You can also use our online paycheck calculator to estimate how our contract puts more money in your pocket here.

Questions? Contact the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471.SEIU (7348).

In solidarity,

Irene Green
Vice President for Bargaining