An open letter to the Represented Workers of SEIU Local 1000


As many of you are aware, on Thursday, January 18th, 2024, SEIU Local 1000 experienced a network disruption by an outside actor. As we investigated the incident we learned that it was caused by certain data being encrypted. We are aware of the discussion happening on social media about the type of attack we are purported to have had and the actor by whom it was apparently done. We are currently working with outside experts to ensure ongoing network security and assist and advise as we continue to restore our operations. This incident was a criminal cyber act and is being treated as such as we assist law enforcement.  

As we continue to restore our systems and work through an ongoing forensics investigation, we are attempting to determine whether personal information may have been accessed during the incident. If so, we will notify all affected individuals by mail. The notification will include information about the incident and offer credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. 

We know the attack has caused concern and also inconvenience, and we want you to know we haven’t stopped doing the work of the Union. We worked quickly to reopen our call center, and with our dedicated staff, worked with our principal state agencies to handle ongoing bargaining issues, cases, grievances, hearings, and meetings.   

As we fully bring our systems back online, we have never stopped fighting for the rights of state workers. Coordinated attacks against unions come from a number of anti-worker groups, and we will not let this one distract us from the important issues that face us with the State, the budget process, or any of the upcoming political primary battles. With your help and commitment, we will stay strong in the face of any adversity and will come back stronger than before. 

For any questions, please reach out to


SEIU Local 1000