Questions about the VTP process – we have answers for you


Q. What is VTP?

A. The Voluntary Transfer Process allows employees who may otherwise be at risk of going through the layoff process to select a vacant position elsewhere in state service.

Q. Who is eligible to participate in VTP?

A. Most permanent full-time employees at both California Correctional Center (CCC) and High Desert State Prison (HDSP). Only employees in select classifications that are already mitigated in the closure and whose participation would cause unfillable vacancies will be ineligible.

Q. What positions are available in VTP?

A. Vacant positions statewide in CDCR or CCHCS and select positions that can be performed via telework. All available transfer positions will be located outside of Lassen County.

Q. Why can’t I transfer to somewhere inside of Lassen County?

A. The goal of VTP is to move as many employees as possible from the area impacted by the State Restriction of Appointments (SROA) process. If employees transferred into positions within Lassen County, they would remain in the area of layoff.

Q. What positions can I transfer to during VTP?

A. Any permanent position for your current classification.

Q. I’m in a Limited Term position right now, can I participate in VTP?

A. If you have a right of return to a permanent position at either HDSP or CCC you will be able to participate in VTP as related to that permanent position previously held.

Q. Will the only positions offered during VTP be at other institutions?

A. No, vacant positions at CDCR and CCHCS headquarters will also be offered.

Q. I have heard other prisons are closing between now and 2025. What happens if I choose a position at the prison scheduled to close?

A. While the department doesn’t yet know which prison might be closing next, our Union negotiated protections for our represented employees. These protections are different depending on the specific scenario each employees find themselves in.

  • If the announcement is made prior to VTP awards, positions at the impacted institutions will not be awarded.
  • If the announcement is made after the VTP positions have been awarded, then employees will be able to revoke that award prior to January 18, 2023.
  • If the announcement is not made until employees assume their newly awarded positions, those impacted employees will be put in a group with similarly situated employees who used VTP related to the DJJ or DVI closures that will get the first right to participate in the VTP related to later closures.  

Q. What support can I receive if I have to move to take a new position?

A. Our Union is still in negotiations regarding the dollar amount of a one-time relocation support payment and will keep impacted employees updated once that amount is finalized.

Q. When will I know what new position I am awarded?

A. The departments plan to inform employees of their award by December 5, 2022. Some employees may learn of their award sooner.

Q. Will my transfer be immediate?

A. The timing of your transfer will depend on the staffing needs at CCC and HDSP. When you are informed of the position that you have been awarded you will also receive the effective date of your transfer. If the transfer requires that you relocate your residence, you will receive at least  a 30-day notice, and up to 45 days’ notice of your report date for your new work location.

Q. What happens if I’m in the process of moving and the department changes my transfer date?

A.  Per our negotiated agreement the department will not move an employee’s transfer date if that employee has already suffered costs related to moving.  

Q. If I take a telework position, will I be required to relocate out of Lassen County?

A. Not necessarily. Most telework positions will be expected to be performed from your residence or from a CDCR workspace that offers “hoteling” stations employees can use for remote work.

Q. If I take a telework position, can the department change the parameters or in-office requirements?

A. Yes. We recommend gathering as much information as possible about what will be expected from you in a telework position before turning in your VTP worksheet to avoid committing to a position with possible changes that may not work for you and your family.

Q. What happens if I don’t want to participate in VTP?

A. You will then be placed into the SROA process related to the closure. You can learn more about the SROA process here.