Settlement forces state to correct holiday pay error
Members organize to enforce contract


Eleven CalTrans toll collectors have been made whole again after Local 1000 forced a settlement to correct the way the Unit 4 members were being compensated when working on premium holidays.

The toll collectors involved all worked four-day, ten-hour Alternate Work Week schedules. When one of their workdays fell on a premium holiday, however, they received premium holiday pay for only eight of the ten hours—with the remaining two hours paid at the regular rate. Additionally, employees who worked on a premium holiday were supposed to be paid eight hours of holiday credit.  Instead the members were paid for ten hours, but were charged for two hours of vacation leave – without being given an option.

“It was really unfair,” said Larry Collins, a toll collector who is also chief steward of DLC 747. “A holiday is a holiday all day no matter how long your shift is.”

Local 1000’s representation team held Caltrans accountable for these unfair vacation compensation practices, filed a grievance on behalf of the members and ultimately reached a settlement after the issue went to arbitration.

The CalTrans toll collectors who work 4/10 shifts and are scheduled for holiday work will now be compensated at holiday rates for their entire ten-hour shift. In addition to ending the unfair practice, Local 1000 won back pay for each time the toll collectors were paid the incorrect rate and the right to buy back to vacation credits to use as they choose.

“This is the power of real representation,” said Tamekia Robinson, vice president for organizing/representation. “When our members stand together for what’s right, we can force the state to play fair with our pay and benefits.”