Stewards, officers meet with FTB Executive Officer
Building relationships to build a better workplace


At a first-time meeting between Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Executive Officer Selvi Stanislaus and 20 Local 1000 stewards from that department, the union set out our road map to creating a cooperative, mutually-beneficial environment for workers and management.

“We’re here to build a relationship with FTB leadership based on support and collaboration,” said Yvonne R. Walker, Local 1000 president. “We can accomplish a lot together by communicating on critical issues and working together to find solutions.”

Stanislaus heard from Local 1000 stewards on a range of crucial topics that included upward mobility, disciplinary actions and improving relationships between supervisors and rank-and-file employees. FTB’s executive officer promised close examination of the issues and committed to follow up with Local 1000.

The meeting was held at FTB offices in Sacramento, home to more than 4,000 Local 1000-represented employees. More work in branch offices up and down California, and all are represented by the stewards in attendance.

“These are long-time stewards, averaging more than 20 years of state service,” observed Tamekia N. Robinson, vice president for organizing/representation. “They are on the front lines, representing our members, and they have the  wisdom FTB needs.”

The meeting with FTB’s Stanislaus was another in a series of meetings between Local 1000 and key leaders of state agencies. Earlier this year, our stewards at the State Controller’s office met with Controller Betty Yee. In 2013, newly appointed Employment Development Department Director Patrick Henning toured a number of EDD facilities around the state and met with Local 1000 officers, stewards and frontline members.

“It’s a great opportunity for stewards to have this kind of access to top management at FTB,” said Eve Dickson, who works in Sacramento as a principal compliance representative. “We’re in a good position to be more effective in improving workplace conditions for our members.”