Unit 11 Bargaining Update for Wednesday, August 7th, 2019
Four Tentative Agreements Advance Working Conditions for Unit 11


Our Unit 11 bargaining team continued working to close out the remaining unit-specific proposals with state negotiators on Wednesday as they continued making progress toward securing a new contract with the state.

“Today’s tentative agreements (TAs) preserve and expand the rights of Unit 11 members,” said Brad Willis, Unit 11 bargaining chair. “Now, we’ll need the continuing support of our entire unit to bring home the rest.”

Wednesday’s session began with a TA to preserve and strengthen language for the differential paid to Unit 11 lab assistants, which ensures they continue to be compensated for the critical job skills they bring to the work they do.

Our team reached TAs with the state to “roll over” and preserve the post and bid system that allows members at the Office of Emergency Services (OES), Department of Water Resources (DWR), Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, CalTrans, and the Water Resources Control Board to select assignments on a geographic basis.

We also improved our members rights with a tentative agreement that strengthens the Unit 11 statewide Joint Labor Management Committee, which works to improve working conditions and a range of issues by including CalHR in each meeting.

Unit 11 will return to the table soon to finalize remaining proposals as they look to build a strong unit presence at the Capitol Contract Rally on Tuesday, August 13th.