Unit 20 Bargaining Update for Friday, August 16th, 2019
Unit 20 Reaches Agreement on Expanded Post and Bid Opportunities; Preserves Recruitment and Retention Differentials


Our Unit 20 bargaining team continued its efforts to bring home a good contract for its members, reaching tentative agreements (TA) on contract articles that improved the scheduling rights of our members and preserved recruitment and retention differentials.

“These agreements expanded our members ability to schedule their work and to maintain the best possible work/life balance,” said Luisa Leuma, Unit 20 bargaining chair.

The TAs included:

  • A big win that increased the percentage of “union-controlled” positions available for LVNs and CNAs (outside California Department of Corrections and Retention {CDCR}) to bid from 60% to 65%. This means that nearly two-thirds of the work schedules available to members aren’t subject to change by management.
  • Two similar agreements increased the percentage of “union-controlled” positions from 60% to 65% for LVNs and CNAs working for the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the California Department of State Hospitals (DSH), and CalVet.
  • Increase of “union-controlled” CNA bid positions at CDCR from 60% to 70%, and for LVN positions from 70% to 75%.
  • A pilot program in Stockton to explore extending the post and bid process to medical assistants working at CDCR.

And when the state tried to classify LVN Care Coordinators as “specialty” and to exclude them from post and bid, we successfully pushed back and secured their positions. Plus, we secured agreement that the 12-month period begins on the day posts are awarded.

Having previously won language that provided recruitment and retention (R&R) differentials, which recognized the need to maintain professional staff and reasonable workloads, today the team “rolled over” and preserved:

  • R&R differential pay (at the state’s discretion) for specific classifications, positions, facilities and geographic locations
  • R&R differential pay (at the state’s discretion) for LVNs working for agencies other than CDCR
  • R&R differential pay for all certified Dental Assistants
  • R&R differential pay for all CNAs who also hold EMT certification

Our team also pushed back against the state’s attempt to take away existing language on vacation scheduling for LVNs working at DSH. Our team “rolled over” that contract article and maintained our member’s control of their hard-earned time off.

“It’s important that our members step up and continue actions in the workplace to drive home a good contract,” said Karen Franklin, a member of the Unit 20 bargaining team.

While the work of our Unit 20 team has been impressive, some financial proposals remain to be worked out. Negotiations continue at the master table all this week.