Unit 3 Bargaining Update for Monday, August 5th, 2019
Unit 3 Signs 23 Tentative Agreements; Protects Professional Development for Vocational Instructors


Monday, August 5, 2019, was an important day for our Unit 3 bargaining team as they signed 23 Tentative Agreements. In addition, they continued to protect important provisions from the current contract and challenge state negotiators to support professional development for Unit 3 members.

One important provision that the Unit 3 bargaining team prioritized was Credits for Salary Advancement. Current language allows Vocational Instructors to receive salary enhancements by taking courses or working in an industry in a position directly related to the one the workers currently occupies.

The new language would only require that the experience or course work be related. This will give Unit 3 workers more options to pursue career avenues and gain expertise in a wider range of fields and receive credit for the effort.

Terry Hibbard, Chair of Unit 3 stated “the Credits for the Salary Advancement provision is an important tool that Unit 3 Vocational Instructors have to incentivize professional development. And now we’re working to broaden its scope so our members have more options. That’s important.”

Unit 3 goes back to the table on August 7, 2019.