We’re Voting YES
Tentative Agreement Ratification


“After 2.5 years of blood, sweat, tears and hard work, this is absolutely a contract that I can be proud of! I’m really proud that I was able to help my colleagues stay in their jobs so they can actually have families and continue to fight climate change.”
-Jamie Ormond, CPUC, DLC 743, BU 01

“This contract is going to touch everyone. For my family and me, it means an increase in income. I will be able to pay off some bills. I have 2 kids in college. It’s really going to help pay for that. It means breathing room.”
-Dorrie Steadman, CDCR, DLC 701, BU 17, BU 17 DBUR/BUNC

“The contract will allow me the opportunity to advance at work with the 20/20 program. It will allow me to continue my education so I can promote at work to earn more money. I do not have to worry about missing work because I do not have the gas to get there. I will not have to use my credit cards for basic necessities. All of the members benefit from this contract. Without all of our hard work, the state would have taken a lot away.”
-Regina Johnson, BOE, DLC 723, BU 04, BU 04 DBUR

“We stared the state down and made them sweat. This contract means I have food at the end of the month, and I can buy healthier food. I’m able to take the kids to the doctor. It restores my dignity in my profession and makes me proud of what I do every day. It means not having to say ‘no’ to my family for the basic necessities such as shoes and winter clothes. It will allow my children to attend field trips with the school that they attend and feel as if they are part of the school society.”
-Antonio “Tone” Valencia, DGS, DLC 786, BU 15, Job Steward

“This contract is a huge victory for my colleagues and me. I live in San Francisco. I cannot afford to live, pay rent and cover my student loans on my current salary in this city. Once this contract goes into effect and I get my new salary on July 1, I will be able to be a young professional who can thrive and not struggle to survive. I am voting ‘YES.’”
-Colin Rizzo, PUC PURA, DLC 743, BU 01

“This contract means we are one step closer to achieving pay parity with our federal counterparts.  It also means we’ll be able to close the gap on the increased cost of living and be able to better provide for our families. I am voting ‘YES.’” 
-Maisah Ali, Financial Institution Examiner, DLC 721, BU 01, Job Steward

“This agreement provides $5.2 billion worth of value to our state employees, according to the CalHR calculations. It is the biggest TA we ever negotiated. It provides real money, real improved working conditions, and real upward mobility to all state employees. It provides all of us with hope and opportunity.” 
-Bobby Roy, Education Program Consultant, DLC 764, BU 21, BU 21 DBUD/BUNC Vice Chair

“I’m voting “YES” because this is a very robust contract with a lot of wins for each and every bargaining unit. This contract means stability for state employees that have had financial concerns and provides opportunity for educational and professional advancement.”
-Irene Livingston-Green, Employee Program Representative, DLC 742, BU 01, BU 01 DBUR/BUNC

“This is a HUGE win. There is something for everyone in this contract. Every unit got something good and some units got fantastic gains like the 20/20 Education Program, the shoe allowance, salary adjustments and a pathway to stop Mandatory Overtime (MOT). I feel like everybody wins.” 
-Daniel Leon, Bookbinder IV, DLC 784, BU 14, BU 14 DBUR/BUNC

“My coworkers and I will be able to pay bills, support our families and participate in community activities that we would otherwise not have been able to participate in without the gains made by this tentative agreement. How can I not vote yes, with all the gains, working conditions and economic gains? A “YES” vote is the only option.” 
-Joyce Wheeler-Owens, Employment Program Representative, DLC 701, BU 01, DLC 701 President

“We sent a message to the Governor that we will not roll over. We just changed the dynamic of power forever for California state workers. More money, half way to geographical pay and upholding all of the things we have fought for. A “NO” vote would be akin to playing Russian Roulette with people’s livelihoods, and I’m not going to do that.” 
-Joel Chan, Business Tax Specialist, DLC 744, BU 01, Job Steward

“I feel secure for the next few years there is a light at the end of the tunnel because of the power that we have established for the 2016 – 2020 tentative agreement. We are SEIU Local 1000, the largest Public Employee Union, and we are not afraid to fight!” 
-Carole Leonardo, Office Technician, DLC 707, BU 04, DLC 707 President

“It is a relief for me from living paycheck to paycheck and having a little money at the end of the month. It has ignited a fire within me to start a statewide campaign to value RNs. This is a very good contract; the best I ever had since I have been with the state. I do not want to renegotiate the contract because we could lose all of our gains. A “NO” vote is a total loss of our gains.” 
-Vanessa Seastrong, Registered Nurse, DLC 704, BU 17, BU 17 DBUR/BUNC Alt Vice Chair

“I’m grateful to have an increase in pay, but most of all I’m looking forward to implementing items that we won and maintained in our contract. I’m voting “YES” because we won language on forming a Geographic Compensation Task Force. I’m voting “YES” because we won language to reduce/eliminate Mandatory Overtime by 2019. I’m voting “YES” because it puts money in our members’ pockets. I’m voting “YES” so we can keep moving forward.” 
-Kim Cowart, Registered Nurse, DLC 751, BU 17, BU 17 BUNC Chair

“I love our new contract. I’m so excited to see the fruit of our labors. This is my first double-digit raise in 16 years. The signing bonus will be meaningfully felt in my personal finances. I’m so proud to be part of our union who fought so hard for 8 months to get a great contract for all of us in our union. I know all of the work and sacrifices that were made by all members that were engaged in getting this contract. My vote is my voice and I want to make sure my “YES” vote is counted to successfully ratify the 2016 -2020 Tentative Agreement.” 
-Carey Wilson, Program Technician, DLC 772, BU 04, DLC 772 President

“This contract means stability, salary increases, more food on the table, and a little bit to help my parents, especially with medical bills. It allows me to help others. There is hope at the end of the road.” 
-Manuel Rodriguez, Office Technician. DLC 729, BU 04, DLC 729 President

“It’s nice to have a significant raise. It helps to partially catch up to inflation for all those years we had not gotten anything. If we don’t vote “YES,” we could lose all the gains we fought for and start at square one. We have a good contract.” 
-Annie Chao, Insurance Rate Analyst, DLC 721, BU 01, Job Steward

“Our contract sets the tone for many years to come. It sends a message to the state that you just can’t give us any offer. You need to value us and the work we do. I believe this is the result of a lot of hard work that our bargaining team did, and we got the best result that we could have gotten.”
-Mccarran Morton, Insurance Rate Analyst, DLC 721, BU 01

“This is a contract that I can live with. The prior proposals from the state I could not live with. I like the $2,500 bonus and the 4% raise we will receive on 7/1/17. I’m happy for the other classifications that received the salary adjustments. We will fight hard to get a salary adjustment for our classification.” 
-Joe Chacon, Employment Program Representative, DLC 702, BU 01, Job Steward

“95,000 state workers can bring home more money for their families. I want to stand with my coworkers and all Local 1000 members to show appreciation for all the hard work of getting this contract. This contract recognizes all the hard work to come to an agreement.” 
-Jerome Washington, Associate Environmental Planner, DLC 749, BU 01, DLC 749 President

“We worked really hard and created unity with our membership and helped a lot of families prosper in their own communities. I get to know that I was a part of it. It’s a good contract that I can be proud of. This is a contract that will help so many members. It is not about me – it is about the membership.” 
-Karen Smith–Sayer, Public Health Nurse II, DLC 749, BU 17, BU 17 DBUR

“This agreement means a salary increase – more money now and later when I retire. It means victory. We refused the state’s offer, held out for a better offer, and we won! I am voting “YES,” because this is a good contract!  The net increase is 9.2%.  Salary adjustments for some classifications were long overdue!” 
-Angelica Miller, Library Technical Assistant (Safety), DLC 792, BU 04, DLC 792 President

“This contract represents the hard work and collective efforts of our members and will make a real difference in the lives of so many of my coworkers and friends. I am voting “YES” to secure my future retirement health and pension benefits, “YES” for meaningful pay increases and real money in my pocket, and “YES” to improvements in my State career path.” 
-Stuart Bennett, DLC 781, BU 01, BU 01 DBUR/BUNC

“This contract is the product of hard work and determination and it addresses many new areas. As a Unit 1 employee, this contract is something that I can be proud of. I am voting “YES” and advising my members to vote accordingly because it’s a good contract proposal. It took a long time to get where we are, I can live with it, and going back to the table could result in a weaker contract.” 
-Beverly Brockington, DLC 726, BU 01, DLC 726 President