Young DLC opening doors to the next generation of state workers


The Young DLC (Driving Leadership and Change), a 35-and-under group of members who meet regularly to engage with the state workers of their generation, is one example of Local 1000’s commitment to creating a path to state service that is truly open to all Californians. Among its many outreach activities, the Young DLC hosts a number of career-building workshops designed to help state workers and prospective employees navigate the sometimes confusing path to working for California. The Young DLC is also working with CalHR and Local 1000 to modernize the application process and create an environment where state employees want to come to work and the hiring process is easily understandable.

Robert Bayze, co-founder of the Young DLC, recognizes the opportunities for change presented by the impending demographic shift and says the group will continue to provide information and encouragement to diversify the work force as well as join with the rest of Local 1000 in demanding openness and equality in the state’s hiring programs.

“California deserves a work force that looks like the people it serves,” said Bayze.

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