On April 13, Local 1000 will go to the table with the state to begin bargaining a new contract. The union’s 63 elected member leaders have one goal: to bring the 95,000 state workers we represent the best contract we’ve ever had.

Each unit’s bargaining team plays a crucial role: ensuring that the specific needs of their members are recognized and represented. The nuts and bolts of the negotiating process is twofold: Unit specific issues are negotiated by representatives of each of the nine bargaining units, and issues that affect all our represented employees such as pay, benefits and retirement are negotiated at the master table.

Unit 11: Engineering and Scientific Technicians

Bargaining Unit 11 represents just under 3,000 state employees in a wide variety of departments including Caltrans, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Water Resources and the Department of Food and Agriculture. Unit 11 chair Brad Willis says their bargaining team is optimistic about the prospects for the 2016 contract and for Unit 11’s readiness to contribute.