Next week, our SEIU Local 1000 Board of Directors will hold a five-day meeting, with a focus on debating and voting on changes to our union governance.

The Local 1000 Board of Directors will meet in Sacramento Aug. 18-22. The Board is comprised of member-elected representatives—51 District Labor Council (DLC) Presidents, 10 Bargaining Unit (BU) Chairs, and 3 statewide officers.

Nearly a year ago, the Local 1000 Board of Directors undertook a comprehensive effort to work on the future governance structure of our Union. They created the Committee of the Future (COF), a group of two dozen member leaders from across the state charged with researching the best structure and model for an effective, powerful, 21st century member- driven union.  

The COF has been meeting regularly and recently concluded a week-long meeting to finalize its report and recommendation for presentation to the Board at next week’s meeting.

Why now? Our current governance structure of a strong president in control of everything, with limited accountability, did not deliver the results our 96,000 represented employees demand. These changes need to be completed by our September 2023 Board meeting so we can be prepared for the upcoming Local 1000 leadership elections in 2024.\

Our Board of Directors meets three or more times per year. As the governing body of our Union, they’ll be receiving reports on the operational status of Local 1000, reviewing union finances, and receiving reports from our department heads.