Know Your Rights: You have the right to participate in union actions

Article PUBLISHED ON APRIL 28, 2023

Our contract campaign is already underway, as we negotiate for a contract that respects, protects, and pays every member of the state’s workforce. We are making a serious demand at the table, calling for 30% raises and 100% health care coverage, and we need the support of workers across the state in all of our represented units.

When your state coworkers and union leaders talk about “standing together” and taking action to protect our rights or to win a new contract, we’re talking about some of the most fundamental rights union workers have on the job.

As union workers, we are protected by provisions in our contract and by California State and Federal law. If you are ever prevented from exercising your right to participate in any way, contact your Local 1000 job steward or the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 866.471–.SEIU (7348).

You have a right to take action in support of SEIU Local 1000! Here are some ways you can use that right to fight for what you deserve:

Express your union beliefs
Your right to support the union and to express pro-union opinions to other employees and to management (Government Code section 3512 et seq. – “Dills Act”)

Wear your union colors
Your right to wear buttons and stickers and to wear union clothing (Dills Act)

Display union materials
Your right to post and display union materials inside your workspace (Dills Act)

Distribute union materials
Your right to distribute union materials during the non-work time (Contract Article 2.4)

Post union materials
Your right to display union materials on appropriate bulletin boards (Contract Article 2.4)

Attend union meetings
Your right to attend union meetings on non-work time (Contract Article 2.5 and Dills Act)

Picket and demonstrate
Your right to picket or demonstrate in support of the union during the non-work time (Dills Act)

Know Your Rights: Use the Contract Search Tool

Our contract contains hundreds of articles that govern our wages, benefits, and working conditions. You can learn more about those rights in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly search tool, available at