MSH Norwalk Bargaining Outreach Day Brings Members Together

Article Published on April 14, 2023

The Metropolitan State Hospital (MSH) in Norwalk is one of the largest public hospitals in the state, with over 1,500 SEIU Local 1000 represented employees providing around-the-clock care for their patients. We held a Bargaining Outreach Day to inform, activate, and energize workers for our contract campaign and to keep them up to date on the next steps and future actions to support a strong contract.

In coordination with the Regional Organizing Committee (ROC), our Union Resource Center (URC), and worksite activists and stewards, the event became a powerful example of unity in the workplace. Over 150 members, new and old, were able to discuss our contract bargaining with DLC 723 President Steven Alari and SEIU Local 1000 Vice President/Secretary-Treasurer David Jimenez, encouraging them to attend strike school and be ready for the upcoming and potential actions. Two site stewards spearheaded the outreach and several of those that were in attendance came from their bargaining units. Nathan Laub, one of the stewards with BU 17, got his coworkers involved and helped connect members with answers to their questions.

“We provide updates on bargaining, and we want people to be up-to-date on what actions we are planning in the future. We set up email blasts, fliered the entire worksite, and engaged with our stewards to push for our RNs,” he said.  “This was my first time being involved in setting up an event like this. I started off working during Covid, and since everything was shut down, it was a really wonderful opportunity to have our Union be able to make this presentation at the facility with such a good turnout. The questions and concerns that people brought up showed the value and transparency of a physical event where you can talk to and meet leadership.”

While Vice President Jimenez engaged with represented employees, answering questions about finance and leadership going into our bargaining, members signed up and got involved in the fight for their contract. “There was a line out the door,” said Nathan. “We’re going to be seeing this again at future events because it’s clear that we are committed to each other and to this campaign.”