Our DLC Tour Continues: Listening to You Where You Work

Article Published on september 9, 2022

With contract negotiations less than a year away, SEIU Local 1000 leaders are traveling across the state to meet with our represented employees and to talk about the importance of membership. At the same time, they’re listening to the concerns of state workers and answering their questions.

At virtually every stop, we’ve welcomed new members to the Local 1000 family. To name just a few: Xochitil Gomez, Jaspers Singh, John Delano, Gabriela Inoceida, Morean Erika, and Jeremiah Esacanmilla.

This week, our Tour included stops in San Diego, Sacramento, Blythe, and a Zoom meeting covering our DLCs in Illinois and Texas!

The Tour continues next week. Visit seiu1000.org for the schedule of worksite visits.

“We are re-energizing this union to do the work needed to strengthen Local 1000,” said Board Chair Hall. “And generating the leverage we need to begin negotiations in a stronger position begins with generating more members.”

“With only 53% membership, the State can treat us any way they want,” added Hall, who helped his fellow leaders launch a campaign targeting 64% membership by March, 2023, when formal negotiations are likely to begin.

How do we win the pay and benefits we deserve when bargaining starts next year? SEIU Local 1000 members have the answer: stand together with workers across the state to fight for our contract.

Not a member? Want to win a better contract? Click here to join Local 1000 today.