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Article Published on January 20, 2023

Changes in the world occur on a daily basis that have a direct impact on our work, our families, and our communities. There are issues and ideas from all points of the compass that affect our lives as state workers, family members, and citizens of California.  It’s never been more important to stay informed, but between work and family responsibilities, it’s not always easy to do.

Every month in Union Update we post news and feature articles, books, podcasts, and more items of note focused on issues that affect ALL of us, and many of which have been submitted by your fellow workers. We hope you find the following content informative and insightful.

What’s happening to the quality of health care? Are we satisfied as patients?

A recent report from the Gallup Poll says that less than half of Americans are complimentary about the quality of U.S. healthcare, with just 48% rating it “excellent” or “good. There’s some good reading about this important part of American life here.

What’s happening to union membership?

The union membership rate in the U.S. hit a new low in 2022 despite a wave of organizing efforts across the country, according to a recent Labor Department data report.  

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