We Remember, Honor Local 1000 Member Latreece Smith

Article published on may 19, 2023

At SEIU Local 1000, we believe in celebrating our members and the contributions you make to make our Union what it is. In that spirit, we would like to recognize the legacy left by our sister Latreece Smith, who passed away recently.

Latreece was a long-time job steward, member, and activist at DLC 781, CalPERS. She held various roles in union leadership such as DLC President, Vice President/Chief Steward, and African-American Committee Chair.

I will always miss but forever remember our conversations, her humor, and our bond as union sisters. Latreece was a strong advocate for members statewide and always made herself available to assist others in need. She pushed me to become a steward and, without her impact, I would not be where I am today.      
- Wandra Pitts

Latreece was a long-time CalPERS employee that I worked with as a job steward but, more importantly, she was a friend and a confidant.  She was very active in our DLC 781 as a job steward doing representation and participating on the executive board as both president and vice president/chief steward.  Latreece was a fighter, and she knew our union contract inside and out, and if you needed help, she was the go-to person. She was smart, always had your back, and had a huge heart; she really cared about people and stood up for CalPERS’ employees. In fact, Latreece started both Joint Labor Management Committee 5.10 and JLMC 14.8 at CalPERS and was instrumental in accomplishing a very good working relationship with upper management. She will be greatly missed.
- Nadine Ontiveros

Latreece was an amazing organizer and job steward. It was her passion to help those less fortunate than her and make sure everyone was properly educated in their rights as a SEIU Local 1000 member. Latreece was also an amazing leader and an amazing friend and confidant. She was always willing to guide, listen, and comfort.
- Nickia Brisco

Latreece was a phenomenal mentor and friend. I had the privilege to work with her on JMLCs and other union activities. She was one of the best with representation and a strong advocate for members. Latreece took time to help me understand the contract and to grow as a leader. I’ll treasure her encouragement and support forever.
- Michelle Gardner

No information is currently available regarding a memorial service or funeral.