Why politics matter to win a strong contract

Article Published on october 28, 2022

At Local 1000, we believe politics matter.

Our State lawmakers create and vote on legislation that affects us at work, at home, and in our communities. We want worker-friendly politicians at every level to make those decisions.

Those same lawmakers are responsible for approving our contract.

Still, there are some Local 1000 members who choose to have all their dues money applied strictly to bargaining. They don’t want to pay for political contributions, social justice activity, or union-branded merchandise. And our members can make that choice to not pay for those things.

In order for us to secure a strong contract, we need to engage in politics and to support the lawmakers at the Capitol who support us.

For government employees to whom politics does matter, you can voluntarily contribute to the Committee on Political Education (COPE). If you don’t contribute to COPE, none of your money is used in politics.