District Labor Council (DLC) 765 is one of fifty geographic/departmental subdivisions of SEIU Local 1000. Each DLC has a President, who sits on the SEIU Local 1000 Council, the governing body for SEIU Local 1000. Each DLC also has an Executive Board; DLC 765’s is listed below.

DLC 765 covers largely Caltrans employees in downtown and midtown Sacramento (see building list below).


  • Strong representation
  • Organize members to increase our worker power
  • Build membership to strengthen California state worker power
  • Bring fairness and openness to hiring and promotions
  • Reduce unwarranted contracting out of work state employees do or could do
  • Educate members in labor history and in present struggles
  • Improve the value to the state of the work we do or could do
DLC 765 Executive Board
President Leonard Seitz, 916.654.2610, 1120 N Street, Sacramento
Vice President/Chief Steward Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Unit 1 DBUR Vacant
Unit 4 DBUR Vacant
Unit 11 DBUR Vacant
Unit 14 DBUR Vacant
Unit 15 DBUR Vacant
Worksites within DLC 765              Major Caltrans Divisions (unless noted)
1120 N Street IT, Budgets, Planning, Finance, Traffic Ops, etc.
1227 O Street Research and Innovation
1304 O Street Audits & Investigations
1500 5th Street Information Technology (IT)
1616 29th Street Labor Relations and Training Center
1727 30th Street Administration, Procurements, Contracts and Human Resources
1745 Sports Drive EDD Print Shop
180 Promenade Circle Public Utilities Commission
1800 9th Street CA Highway Patrol, Capitol Protection
1801 30th Street Engineering Service Center
1812 9th Street Department of Fish & Game
1820 Alhambra Blvd. Accounting
1823 14th Street Civil Rights
1831 S Street Department of Fish & Game
712 R Street General Services, Legislative Bill Room
830 S Street Department of Fish & Game