February 2, 2022


2021 Year in Review: A Report from the Union Resource Center

A strong union is one where all voices are heard and represented, in hundreds of worksites across the entire state. SEIU Local 1000’s ability to respond to our member’s representational and organizing needs depends on the hard work of our members, job stewards, and our Union Resource Center (URC).

2021 was an important year for the Union Resource Center, as the department improved our capacity to expand quality representation and increase efficiency by integrating our field team into a representational, workplace-focused organizing model.


CSEA Announces New Scholarship Opportunity

With the cost of higher education spiraling ever upward, working families across California are constantly on the lookout for any opportunity to help finance their children’s education.

The California State Employees Association (CSEA) believes every act, regardless of how seemingly small, helps turn the world into a better place for all of us. That’s why CSEA is committed to investing in individual potential by helping students get a solid education.  


2021 Year in Review: Telework Negotiations

SEIU Local 1000 and the State have spent much of the latter half of 2021 bargaining over the implementation of a Statewide Telework Policy that would apply to all Local 1000 represented employees. Since October, the State has made little movement from its initial position, meaning negotiations are ongoing into the new year on several key bargaining demands, including the telework stipend. 


2021 Year in Review: Making our Voices Heard at the State Capitol to Demand Rights and Protect Jobs

Members from many parts of the state gathered together to take a stand for the basic union principles of protecting our rights and our jobs. On the grounds of the State Capitol, we stood up to tell the Governor and Legislature, “We’re fighting to enforce our contract. We’re fighting to protect our union. And we’re fighting for our represented employees in Lassen County.”