July 7, 2023

Article Published on July 7, 2023

Big Win for SEIU Local 1000 Dramatically Reaffirms Protected Union Activity

Standing up for your union to build power is how we make positive change and advance our members. Our ability to do so is a core union value, so much so that it’s called “protected behavior” that’s governed by state law and our Local 1000 contract.

Joining a solidarity break, displaying your union colors at your desk, filing a grievance, or being part of a committee to solve issues at the workplace are all protected union activities, and when management interferes with us, harasses us, or discriminates against us, we fight back.

Article Published on July 7, 2023

Membership Means Power

As we prepare our escalating actions with the State for a fair contract and better pay, we are working to ensure that workplaces across California are prepared to make our message heard loud and clear at the table and in our communities.

To build strong union worksites across the state, we’ve been organizing places like Torrance and Long Beach DMV, both of which reached 100% membership, to show the State that we are standing stronger together.

Article published on july 7, 2023

Dental Source Provides Union Members with Affordable Oral Health Care

Union membership is a tool for building a community wherever we live, sharing our experiences on the job, our strategies to build power for our coworkers and communities, and sharing the services we all need to thrive. In that spirit of serving those who need it, Mike Ashen of DENTALSource is carrying on his family’s tradition of partnering with unions to provide members the care they need.

Article Published on july 7, 2023

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As our union siblings at the California Association of Professional Scientists fight for their contract, workers at the California Academy of Sciences have voted to create CalAcademy Workers United, affiliated with SEIU Local 1021. As they fight for their employer to recognize the work they do, they are showing the importance of understanding that workers are stronger together, because, as their members have said “divided, we beg; united, we bargain”