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Article Published on july 7, 2023

As our union siblings at the California Association of Professional Scientists fight for their contract, workers at the California Academy of Sciences have voted to create CalAcademy Workers United, affiliated with SEIU Local 1021. As they fight for their employer to recognize the work they do, they are showing the importance of understanding that workers are stronger together, because, as their members have said “divided, we beg; united, we bargain”

UAW members at GM’s Ultium battery plant have stood up to their bosses for the unsafe working conditions they have subjected workers to at their new facility. Working with the highly reactive lithium used to manufacture these batteries, these workers are essential to our country making steps in green energy initiatives and emissions reductions. When employers fail to lead in safety and fail their workers in pay, the consequences ultimately come back home to roost.

California’s largest child care union, Child Care Providers United, won big in negotiations with the State after a month-long pressure campaign against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s state budget priorities. By setting aside money through increased subsidies to providers, the deal represents an important raise for 40,000 workers providing care to the children of California. Organized workers were able to successfully obtain a contract by standing and fighting together in the streets and in workplaces across the state.