March 10, 2021


Working Hard to Enforce Our Member’s Hard-Earned Contract Rights

The Contract Local 1000 members worked hard to achieve contains hundreds of provisions that govern our wages, benefits, and working conditions. Even though we’re working in “pandemic times,” our Union Stewards and our Union Resource Center are on the front lines, ensuring our members receive full representation. And when management fails to respect us, we’re finding solutions for our members.

Win: Pay error corrected…with interest


Bargaining Representatives Gather, Gain Knowledge, and Grow Their Leadership at 2021 Spring SBAC

Nearly 150 members of our union’s Statewide Bargaining Advisory Committee (SBAC) convened on February 27 in a day-long virtual meeting to discuss matters related to our contract and the hard-earned rights that agreement grants us.

The SBAC is a group of elected member leaders who serve as liaisons between the workplace and our bargaining team. They’re called District Bargaining Unit Representatives (DBURs) and they provide unit-specific knowledge as well as general contract knowledge. They play an important role during bargaining as well as the time between negotiations.


Amy Valdez – Helping Local 1000 Fight for a Better Contract

SEIU Local 1000 member, DLC 703 Secretary, and International Delegate Amy Valdez decided to become a steward coming out of the last recession when it was clear that state employees would have to fight for a better contract and better working conditions. Once she accomplished her goal, she turned her focus toward organizing her Inglewood EDD office, with a goal of 100% membership, while also working on the ongoing contract campaign.