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Contract enforcement wins back pay awards


When management fails to respect our contract, to recognize the work we do and the fair compensation we deserve, we protect our members with professional representation and deliver results. 

Unit 1: Member wins out-of-class grievance 

One of our Unit 1 Information Technology workers used documentation and a detailed desk audit to prove he was working out-of-class at his job at the Department of Industrial Relations. After filing a grievance, the department reviewed our member’s work and agreed. Our member received a full year’s back pay and experience credit. 

Unit 15: Merit salary adjustment denial reversed 

A Unit 15 worker at CalVet was unreasonably denied an annual Merit Salary Adjustment (MSA). Our union representative helped to discover that the member never received a clear explanation of the reason for denial, nor an opportunity to respond to or correct specific behavior—despite the supervisor’s claim that such information had been provided. The denial of MSA was rescinded and two years’ back pay awarded. 

Unit 20: Pay differential error corrected 

One of our Unit 20 members was hired by CDCR in 2015 and at the time provided college transcripts that qualified the member to receive an Educational Pay Differential. When the member later learned this union benefit was available, a grievance was filed with the help of our Union Resource Center. It was resolved at the first level and our member was granted the differential and received back bay effective with the date of hire.

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