CCHCS making the switch to electronic record keeping
Local 1000 members will take part in pilot program


Local 1000 members are monitoring the implementation of a new electronic records system that will streamline health care services in state prisons. Called Electronic Health Records System (EHRS), the system will begin its rollout in October.

EHRS will be a single system for laboratory information, health records, diagnoses, pharmacy and medication management. California Correctional Healthcare Services (CCHCS) is instituting the new system in hopes the new technology will create an integrated pharmacy solution to provide ordering, dispensing and medication delivery. The EHRS will also provide an integrated scheduling system for patient appointments.

Local 1000 member leaders attended a May 29 presentation from the CCHCS project team and learned about the pilot program rollout that will begin at Folsom State Prison, Folsom Women’s Facility, Central California Women’s Facility and California Institute for Women on October 27. Central fill, health records and headquarters will go live simultaneously with the pilot. Click here for roll out dates for each institution.

Studies have shown that electronic health records have the potential to lead to better outcomes for patients, but there are also serious concerns about accuracy and usability. “We are cautiously optimistic about the rollout and will monitor the progress to ensure the benefit for our members and the patients they care for,” said Kim Cowart, chair of Bargaining Unit 17.

Local 1000 members will attend a program simulation provided by the project team in early July. As the team continues to gather information, the new program will need your feedback and concerns. Email us with your concerns about the implementation of the CCHCS new EHRS at or unit