CCRA recruitment and retention update


On August 24th and 25th a team representing Correctional Case Records Analysts (CCRAs) met in Sacramento to negotiate with the state regarding the Recruitment and Retention issues they were currently experiencing.

The teams consisted of the following members:
Karen Devoll, CDCR, Sierra Conservation Center
Michelle Pantages, CDCR, Out of State Bed Unit
Gwendolyn Crawford, CDCR, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison
Cathy Reabold, DSH, Coalinga State Hospital.

At the table, the team presented testimony and additional evidence regarding the numerous inequities that the classification was facing.  The team talked about the changes that happen because of case law, the initiative process, and legislative amendments.  The team made suggestions to the State regarding possible solutions and strategies to solve both recruitment and retention issues.  Currently we await a response from the State to determine our next steps.

“It was a relief to finally get in the room with the right people to present our case. I am proud to be part of the team that made our case and to have the support of the other CCRAs.  I look forward to a response to all of our hard work.”  Michelle Pantages, Correctional Case Records Analyst.

Please stay tuned to the Unit 1 page as additional groups present their case and we await responses from the State.