Local 1000 participates in development of new payroll system
1:57 PM - September 13, 2012


MyCalPays begins pilot testing at the State Controller’s Office

As the State Controller’s Office (SCO) works to overhaul the state’s antiquated payroll system, Local 1000’s team has been involved at every step to monitor their progress and mitigate its impact on state workers. The new system is called MyCalPays and will not only affect Unit 1 employees who process payroll, but all state employees, who will eventually have to transition to the new system.

MyCalPays will change the way payroll is processed, employees are enrolled in pension, health, vision and dental benefits, and the way personnel transactions are recorded. This statewide change is being rolled out to departments over the next one to two years, and will be seen only when your state department is rolled into the system.
Since April 2011, Local 1000’s team of member leaders, staff and SCO employees have regularly met with the SCO and CalHR (formerly DPA) throughout the process to make sure the interests of Local 1000 members are represented. One example – in June 2012, pilot testing began at SCO to assess the impact on how payroll is processed, and this included a new phone system for the Personnel and Payroll Services Division. Local 1000’s team was able to negotiate for headsets and limitations on call monitoring, including no monitoring of telephone lines intended for personal use. 

On August 24, 2012, Local 1000 met again with state representatives to outlined several issues discovered during testing – specifically issues that impacted SCO Personnel Specialists’ ability to perform their duties. The following recommendations were made for management to provide Personnel Specialists with:

A one-stop place for efficient resolutions to specific MyCalPays problems
Additional training on specific MyCalPays business processes
A list of recurring MyCalPays problems and their status
A meeting to discuss backlogged MyCalPays issues

Local 1000 will be involved throughout testing and rollout. The next meeting is scheduled for September 27, 2012. Watch the Unit 1 webpage for updated information.