Making a difference in our community
10:07 AM - August 23, 2012


“State workers are not just a part of California’s infrastructure … we are your neighbors.” –Barbara Alves, Bargaining Unit 1 member leader
A community landmark is  becoming vital once again for kids and families as Local 1000 members and staff volunteer at a neighborhood ballpark to restore it to become the next “field of dreams.” Throughout the years, members and staff have regularly volunteered to clean up parks, creeks and build houses with Habitat for Humanity. “Local 1000 members are doing this to give back. We, as state workers, are not just a part of California’s infrastructure–we are very much a part of California’s communities. We are your neighbors,” said Bargaining Unit 1 member leader Barbara Alves.

The group replaced the entire infield with fresh dirt, repaired and repainted bleachers and wooden structures, and performed much needed weeding and clean up. 

“We’re transforming this ground into a safer and cleaner place for neighborhood kids to play on and families to enjoy,” said Lo Williams, Bargaining Unit 4 member leader. “And these state workers don’t think twice when community effort is needed–they just act.”

Although the field has produced national Little League champions in the past, it hassince fallen into disrepair. The formerly weed-choked lot will be green again and ready to ‘play ball.’ Ernest Lehr, the chair of the neighborhood association and a retired state worker, expressed his gratitude for the effort, “Somebody (Local 1000) who has the capacity to bring these people together and help us out with a major project is just incredible and we really appreciate it.” 

Volunteers were also joined by Local 1000 vice presidents Margarita Maldonado and Tamekia Robinson. “We are connecting with our members–at work, and where they live–and partnering  to bring change to California in every community,” Maldonado said.

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