A payroll status update from Irene Green, Vice President for Bargaining


December is here and we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our retroactive pay and our general salary increase, along with the other economic wins we achieved in our new contract.

Local 1000 has spoken with CalHR recently and confirmed that their work with SCO continues to fulfill the contract terms of the state bargaining units which ratified a new contract this year—including the nine bargaining units represented by Local 1000.

Although not much has changed since our initial communication in November, this is what we currently know. 

The State Controller’s Office is working with an outdated payroll system. The SCO is working diligently to process the contract’s financial agreement increases as quickly as they can. 

The general salary increases, special salary adjustments, and wage equity increases are still targeted to be processed for the December 2023 pay period. These increases should reflect on our next paycheck.  The next payday is December 29, 2023; issue date January 2, 2024. 

The retroactive pay (July through November) is targeted to be processed and issued as a separate check in the month of December 2023. CalHR and SCO have not provided a specific date when we can expect this check, nor advised on the tax withholding rate.

We will continue to pressure CalHR and SCO for a specific date we can expect to receive the retroactive payment this month.  If there are any changes to the above targeted timelines, we will share that news with you when it becomes available. 

In solidarity,

Irene Green
Vice President for Bargaining