Program Tech Update: July 2015


Local 1000’s Program Technician Committee met with CalHR on June 18.  The Joint Labor Management Committee has agreed to have 10 Program Technician subject matter experts from five departments that heavily utilize PTs (DOJ, EDD, DDS, Covered California, and State Fund ) participate in discussions that will start July 14. 

The Program Technician Strategic Planning Team (PTSP) has started Program Tech worksite meetings. Two successful regional meetings have already been held, the first in Sacramento on May 23 and the second in Fresno on June 13.  The PTSP team kicked off June with local worksite meetings at Sacramento DSS and DDS on June 25 followed by a meeting at EDD on July 7.

The PTSP team will be contacting District Labor Council presidents that have PTs working within their DLC for assistance in scheduling worksite meetings.

What Can You Do?

  • Get involved with the Program Tech discussion
  • Have your DLC President schedule a PT worksite meeting.
  • If you are not already a member, become a member, because building a strong group of active members is how we make progress.

What’s Next?

The PT subject matter discussions will start July 14, 2015.  The next Program Technician Committee meeting with CalHR will be held August 19, 2015.  Also look for the Program Technician Strategic Planning team at a PT worksite meeting near you.

If you have any questions about the Program Technician JLMC process or would like information on how to get involved, Please contact a Program Technician Team Member:

1. Sophia Perkins, PT (DHCF) –

2. Karen Jefferies, PT II (DOJ) –

3. Kevin Lennon, PT (State Fund) –

4. Theresa Hubbard, PT (State Fund) –

5. Clarice Baldwin, PT II (DSS) –

6. Grace Parra, PT II (DHCF) –

7. Lisa Davis, PT (State Fund) –

8. Dolores Leslie, PT (State Fund) –