Questioning state proposal to include legal analysts in three-rank pilot program
3:05 PM - March 25, 2010


Local 1000 met with the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) and the Department of Justice regarding the inclusion of the Legal Secretary and Legal Analyst classes into the three-rank pilot project. Local 1000 representatives had many questions. It appears some departments were simply included in the project to meet a required minimum of fifty percent. The meeting was concluded with a lot of unanswered questions by DPA and with Local 1000 anticipating full responses.
Under this pilot project, a participating agency can hire any individual who passes the exam, rather than going through candidates in each separate rank. Representing Unit 1 at this table is Brenda Modkins, a legal analyst at the Department of Justice. You can contact Brenda

Approximately 330 employees are in the Unit 1 classifications of senior legal analyst, legal analyst and legal assistants.