State Fund cancels layoffs, relocates hundreds, pays hefty fines
4:00 PM - May 15, 2012


For months, Local 1000 has told State Fund that they were cutting “too deep,” with too many layoffs, and they finally listened.  State Fund cancelled 267 layoffs that were scheduled for the end of May 2012, which included many Unit 1 and Unit 4 positions.  

Yet State Fund still plans to relocate approximately 370 employees in August and September, as part of its efforts to consolidate its operations.   While some relocations involve short distances, others do not –  such as moves from Oxnard to Bakersfield and Monterey Park to Fresno.  
State Fund’s restructuring and downsizing efforts are coming at a big price – more than $450,000 in penalties a month for making late benefit payments.  Employees in State Contracts have been mandated to work overtime to clean up the mess.  

About 40 stewards gathered in Sacramento in mid-July to debrief and plan our next steps.