Unit 4 Bargaining Update for Wednesday, August 7th, 2019
Unit 4 Bargaining Team Stands Up for Seasonal Clerks at Negotiation Table


On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the Unit 4 Bargaining Team returned to the negotiation table to support the Seasonal Clerks in their fight for living wages and economic security.  Unit 4 proposed an increase to the night differential for Seasonal Clerks and seeks to change the way the night differential is calculated.

Unit 4’s Seasonal Clerks are one of the lowest paid job classifications in California’s Civil Service. Not only do they currently make less than $15 an hour, they also do not have health care coverage through the State. Even worse, many of the 4,000 Seasonal Clerks are not eligible for PERS coverage.

The current night differential for Seasonal Clerks hasn’t been increased in years, and as the cost of housing, transportation and health care continues to increase, many Unit 4 Seasonal Clerks are unable to obtain or sustain a living wage, pushing them economically further and further behind.

Unit 4’s night differential proposal for Seasonal Clerks would:

  • Change the night differential from a flat rate to a percentage of base pay to make the Seasonal Clerk night differential consistent with Local 1000’s Master Table night differential proposal.

This proposal is just one of many strategies Local 1000 is using to make sure no one who works for the State of California has to live in poverty. It’s about making this State a California for All. 

Unit 4 Chair Karen Jefferies remarked, “Too many of our Seasonal Clerks work hard but struggle to afford stable housing, health and child care, and transportation. As a result, our communities suffer. We went to bat for the Seasonal Clerk’s at the Bargaining Table on Tuesday, and as long as our members stay active at their worksites, we can win a great Contract for everybody in Unit 4.”