Update: Reclassification
9:45 AM - October 3, 2012


The DMV reclassification team is on schedule to finish their work in Spring 2013.
Next steps of the reclassification effort were discussed during a meeting held with the Local 1000 reclassification team, DMV management and the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) on August 17. Currently, CalHR is reviewing the Unit 1 and Unit 4 job classification changes as proposed by the Local 1000 DMV reclassification team and DMV. 
Once CalHR is finished with their review of the specifications, additional meetings will be scheduled to secure final approvals and allow compensation negotiators to begin their work determining salaries. Meetings will also be scheduled to finalize the reclassification team’s work on the Driver Safety Hearing Officers, Senior Motor Vehicle Technician, Control Cashier and Motor Vehicle Assistant. For updated information on these efforts, please visit the DMV webpage.