When you’ll serve a probationary period


Your first job in state service

Congratulations! You passed the first two parts of this process - the state civil service exam and the interview. Now you’ve got one more test in front of you – the probationary period – to find out if you can actually do the work.

The probation period is considered an extension of the testing process. You must pass this test of performance to become a state employee with the security and rights of permanent status. If you fail, you will be separated from state service. How will you know if you fail?  You’ll be given a “Notice of Rejection during Probation.” How will you know if you pass? You should receive an increase in pay!

You’ve been appointed to a new position off a departmental, statewide or promotional exam list

To obtain permanent status in your new classification, you must pass a new probationary period. If you fail your probation, you have return rights to your previous department and classification, provided you accepted the new position without a break in service.  

You must request a return to your previous department and classification in writing and within 10 working days of the effective date of your rejection. You may not be placed in the exact same position you had before you took the position for which you were rejected.

You laterally transfer to another department 

If you transfer to a different department, even in the same classification, you can be required to serve a new probation.

Applying for other positions while on probation

Yes, you are allowed to transfer to another department, even if you are on probation in your first state job, but you will have to begin probation again.  
Note: These are a few other rare occasions when an employee may serve a probationary period.