Passing Probation


Rejection on Probation

If you frequently review and act upon the information provided here, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of rejection.


Get the training you need

A common complaint is that employees don’t get the training they need to be successful in their new positions.  

Sit down with your supervisor and describe the training you need to be successful. Be specific. After the meeting, send your supervisor a memo or email confirming the discussion you had.

Your training requests can include:


Writing a Letter of Rebuttal

If you receive a negative probationary evaluation, it is absolutely essential that you write a Letter of Rebuttal within two weeks of receiving the negative report. If you end up being rejected on probation and file an appeal, a good record of your prompt attempts to address concerns and plans to correct deficiencies will assist you at the State Personnel Board.


The importance of duty statements

You must know what your duties are if you’re going to carry them out successfully.

That’s why, if you haven’t been given a duty statement, ask for one right away. Our contract (Article 14.4) provides that you must be given a current duty statement within 15 calendar days of your request.


When you’ll serve a probationary period

Your first job in state service

Congratulations! You passed the first two parts of this process - the state civil service exam and the interview. Now you’ve got one more test in front of you – the probationary period – to find out if you can actually do the work.