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State Bar

The State Bar General Unit includes all non-attorney classifications at the State Bar of California, including legal secretaries, investigators, paralegals, program analysts, IT and finance staff, administrative assistants, and court specialists. 

The State Bar Attorney Unit includes all attorney classifications at the State Bar:

  • Attorney
  • Senior Attorney
  • Supervising Attorney

Members work in nearly all areas of the Bar including the Office of Chief Trial Counsel, State Bar Courts, Admissions, Access & Inclusion, and General Services.  Worksites are located in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  

The State Bar bargaining units are covered by Memorandums of Understanding with the State Bar of California, which are negotiated separately from the MOU with the State of California.


Members vote to ratify new contract!

State Bar members have voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tentative contract agreement. 96.8% of the participating members in the Attorney Unit and 94.3% of the members General Unit cast “yes” votes in favor of ratification.

Thank you for voting, and thanks to the Bargaining Committee for their hard work in negotiating our new contract!

The Board of Trustees will vote to approve the Tentative Agreement at their next meeting on December 22nd. After approval, the new Tentative Agreement is expected to go into effect January 1, 2023. 


State Bar Board of Trustees Approves Tentative Agreement and Announces New, Improved Remote Work Policy!

The State Bar Board of Trustees voted December 22, 2022 to approve the Tentative Agreement.  This concludes a bargaining process that began in March, and locks in wage and benefit improvements that your Bargaining Team fought for over the course of the past eight months! 

The new contract will go into effect January 1, 2023, but the Bar has confirmed that all salary adjustments in the new MOU will be effective December 26, 2022. The complete contract will be available on the SEIU Local 1000 website soon. Scroll down on this page to read a summary of the Tentative Agreement.

Additionally, your Bargaining Team and the State Bar have concluded bargaining over effects of the new Remote Work Policy that was announced today. The new policy includes improvements that many members had voiced support for. Many employees will now be required to come to the office one day per week, as opposed to two days per week under the previous policy. The Union and the State Bar also settled a dispute about whether employees with Bar-issued cellphones or internet devices would qualify for a remote work subsidy; these employees will receive a $25 monthly subsidy going forward. Remote-working employees will also receive an increased annual subsidy of $250 for work-related equipment and supplies.

FAQs Regarding the New MOU and Remote Work Policy: