Through member input, member leadership, and member action our State Bar Bargaining Team was able to secure a contract that will create economic gains, bring equity and fairness to our retiree healthcare plans, expand our access to paid leave and family bonding, increase career development opportunities, and deepen investments in work-life balance.

The State Bar bargaining team was creative, inventive, and resourceful – calling on our SEIU Local 1000 our research teams to provide alternative models to question management’s costing and advance our ability to win a cost of living adjustment; utilizing our SEIU Local 1000 lobbying expertise to bring home a fee bill that made many of these necessary changes possible; and most importantly, standing firm, when decision makers were unwilling to bend.

Below is a summary of the key provisions in our new Tentative Agreement.

To learn more please join a Virtual Ratification Meeting (information below). In addition, we’ve included the Full Tentative Agreement via the button on the right (desktop) or at the bottom of the page (mobile).

Economic gains

2% COLA in January 2021

1% COLA in January 2022

Salary range increases for Paralegals, Court Specialists, Legal Secretaries, and Administrative Supervisors that were found to be under market or under valued

Out-of-Class process and back pay improvements

Increases for bilingual differentials

Expanded Healthcare Access

Retiree healthcare parity with management (full medical and vision at the 80/20 split with 15 years of CalPERS service)

Current Retiree Healthcare Stipend continuation

Career Development

Accelerated promotional pathways for entry-level positions

Up to $250 per year subsidy for certain licenses and certifications, including California Bar membership for General Unit employees

Increases for bilingual differentials

Work-Life Balance Investments

160 hours of paid bonding leave for new parents

Four (4) personal days annually after five (5) years of service

Increased lunch break flexibility that allows non-exempt employees to choose a 45 minute lunch break

Additional week of vacation cash out for a total of three weeks per calendar year

Bereavement leave expanded to include nieces and nephews

Dress code improvements