Local 1000’s Unit 14 bargaining team met with state negotiators for the first time today, representing the interests of our members who work in Printing Trades.

The team detailed their backgrounds and job experience to the state’s negotiators, describing the work they do to keep California moving forward, healthy and strong.

The team also described to the state the preparations the unit had taken prior to bargaining, explaining how town halls and the bargaining survey ensured that the issues being brought to the table represented top priorities for union members.

Today, the Unit 14 bargaining team discussed improvements to be made in working conditions:

  • Improved training and professional development opportunities for Digital Print Operator II’s upward mobility. This will benefit the state and members to have a more skilled workforce.
  • Creating upward mobility opportunities for Printing Trades Specialist Trainees.
  • Enforce protections negotiated during the closure of the State Fund print shop in 2014 to ensure those affected are afforded upward mobility opportunities.

The Unit 14 bargaining team returns to the table next week.

All this week, thousands of members—in hundreds of worksites up and down the state—purpled up and stood up to demonstrate their solidarity and support for a great contract. “We need to keep up the pressure every week as we fight for a great contract,” said Margarita Maldonado, vice president for bargaining.

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